Python Number Guessing Game-Easy to Hard

Number guessing game

Are you ready to put your wits to the test and take on the challenge of the Number Guessing Game, a classic and exhilarating exercise in probability and deduction? In this simple yet addictive Python-based game, players are tasked with the exciting mission of deducing a randomly generated number within a predefined range. With a limited number of attempts at your disposal, it's a battle of intuition and strategy as you strive to crack the code. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gamer, the Number Guessing Game offers the perfect blend of excitement and suspense, making it a delightful way to spend your leisure time. Let's dive into the world of number guessing and see if you have what it takes to emerge as the ultimate victor!

Python Number Guessing Game

How to play it:

Run the Code: First, you need to run the Python code that contains the game. Make sure you have a Python environment installed on your computer.

Start the Game: When you run the code, it will create an instance of the game. By default, it's set to "easy" difficulty, but you can change it by modifying the code. For instance, if you want to play in "hard" difficulty, change the line: game = NumberGuessingGame(difficulty="hard").

Read the Instructions: The game will display a welcome message. It tells you how many guesses you have and the range of numbers within which you need to guess.

Make Your Guess: You will be prompted to enter your first guess. Type a number and press Enter. For example, you can start by typing "50" and pressing Enter.

Receive Feedback: After each guess, the game will provide feedback:If your guess is lower than the target number, it will print "Too low!"
If your guess is higher than the target number, it will print "Too high!"
If your guess is correct, it will print "Congratulations! You guessed the correct number!" and the game will end.

Continue Guessing: You have a limited number of guesses. Continue making guesses based on the feedback until you either guess the correct number or run out of guesses.

Game Over: If you guess the correct number, the game will end and display a victory message. If you run out of guesses, it will display a message indicating that you lost and reveal the correct number.

Restart the Game: You can play the game again by running the code once more or by restarting the game instance.

Tips for Playing: Pay attention to the feedback. If the game says "Too low," try a higher number, and if it says "Too high," try a lower number.
Use your guesses wisely, especially in "hard" mode, where you have fewer attempts.
Here's an example of a possible game session: Copy Text Button
import random class NumberGuessingGame: def __init__(self, start=1, end=100, difficulty="easy"): self.start = start self.end = end self.difficulty = difficulty self.number = random.randint(start, end) self.num_guesses = 5 if difficulty == "easy" else 3 def play(self): print("Welcome to the number guessing game!") print("You have {} guesses to guess a number between {} and {}.".format(self.num_guesses, self.start, self.end)) while self.num_guesses > 0: guess = int(input("Enter a guess: ")) if guess < self.number: print("Too low!") elif guess > self.number: print("Too high!") else: print("Congratulations! You guessed the correct number!") break self.num_guesses -= 1 if self.num_guesses == 0: print("Sorry, you ran out of guesses. The correct number was {}.".format(self.number)) if __name__ == "__main__": game = NumberGuessingGame(difficulty="hard")

Remember, you can adjust the difficulty by modifying the code. In the provided code, "easy" gives you 5 guesses, and "hard" gives you 3 guesses. Have fun playing and trying to guess the correct number!

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